The Lies

We only see what we want to see. We only hear what we want to hear. And we block out what we don’t want to see or hear, even if it is there in front of us. 

This is a fact of life. It applies to us as children, it applies to us as young adults, and it continues to apply to us as fully grown adults. It is one case where age and wisdom make no difference, regardless of what we like to think about ourselves. I am not accusing anyone of being close-minded. I am simply saying our subconscious guides our minds into creating a picture that is not completely paralleled with reality. 

But I am not writing this piece about myself, or about “us”, I am writing it about Casey Marie Anthony. Nearly three years after the tragic and ridiculously premature death of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, who was just over two years old, Casey was found Not Guilty of First Degree murder, manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse by a unanimous decision of 12 jurors. Side note: the two alternate jurors also agreed on this verdict, although their opinions did not come into play.

99% of the country was furious at this verdict, as most were convinced beyond all doubt that the evidence the Prosecution provided was enough to show that Casey murdered Caylee by suffocating her with duct tape, putting her dead body into three trash bags, taking her a mere 15 houses down the street into a wooded area, and then burying her remains. She did not report that Caylee was missing for 31 days (and was seen partying during this time), and she was indeed found guilty of lying to police detectives on multiple accounts. 

Casey also made up countless lies to her parents (Zani the nanny who never existed, as well as friends of Caylee’s and the names of their parents, who did not exist) and stole her mother Cindy’s credit card on more than one occasion. She was a single mother who loved to party and drink vigorously. She lied about having a job at Universal Studios. But these, these are things we actually know to be 100% true. In a case like this, it is essential to examine not just the things she did, but why she did the things she did. It is essential to ask more questions, not just what the media points out to us. 

You may reach this juncture and say “obviously she did these things because she’s a psychopath.” I completely disagree. She is not a psychopath. Psychopaths are often stupid and after committing a crime, either kill themselves or make silly mistakes that lead to them being caught. In some cases they even want to be caught. Either Casey Anthony is completely innocent of having anything to do with Caylee’s death, or she is very, very smart. Whatever you think of her, she is not stupid.

But we already know all the bad things Casey has done, as the media was extremely quick to point those things out. Now, let us examine what was speculated upon, things the media did not talk about as much as they perhaps should have.

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