Family History and Dysfunction

First, the environment she supposedly grew up in. There were, of course, allegations made by defense attorney Jose Baez of child molestation against Casey’s father, George Anthony. There were also allegations of incest against her brother, Lee Anthony. Supposedly, when they were younger, Lee would occasionally go into Casey’s room at night and touch her in unnatural places while she was sleeping. George was directly questioned on the stand about whether or not he molested Casey. He answered “no.” Lee was never questioned about possibly committing incest. These are things which may or may not have happened. Here’s what we know happened:

Lee was shut out of the family’s search for Caylee while she was missing. He was not informed of Casey’s pregnancy until it was no longer possible to hide. He was not at the hospital the day Caylee was born. He was not invited to the baby shower, and the family did not speak of Caylee when he was around. Lee himself testified to all of this in court, and much of it was also testified in agreement from Cindy. There were clearly old wounds between Lee and the rest of the family that have not yet healed. But the question is: Why and how were these wounds created in the first place? 

Something else we know for sure happened: at some point, a forensic expert took some of Lee’s DNA and compared it to Caylee’s to determine whether or not he possibly could have been Caylee’s biological father (the name, Cay-Lee, also naturally had people making that connection). The test came back 100% negative, but that is not the point. The fact that this test was done at all implies that he and Casey almost certainly had sex at one point. And the fact that it could have happened when they were older gives further weight to the allegations that improper things may have happened when Casey and Lee were younger as well. Although to me personally, Lee appeared to be the only fully truthful member of his family while on the stand, even the blindest man could see that he has his demons, as does every member of the Anthony family. And the fact that the two kids (Lee and Casey) have such deep issues from their past, shows that Cindy and George Anthony are not just two loving grandparents that the media (and the prosecution) often portrayed. No one could ever deny that they both loved Caylee deeply, as they of course love their own children, but even though it was not actually proven, it was an obvious if unconfirmed fact that some bad things have gone on in this family’s past. 

As for the allegations of George Anthony molesting Casey when she was a child, there is absolutely no proof of that. It may or may not have happened. We will most likely never know. But considering everything we know for certain about Lee, would it really be that surprising? I personally don’t think so. Again, I am not accusing George of any wrongdoing. I am simply saying it is clear Casey did not grow up in a wonderful environment as a child and a young adult. 

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