Why We Should Give Casey Anthony A Second Chance at Life

Introduction: First and foremost, you must be wondering: why on earth did I take so much time and effort to write about Casey Anthony? To be perfectly blunt, part of me feels sorry for her. Perhaps in some ways, I feel I can relate to her (to her, not her situation). And having watched this trial from its very start, I am, quite frankly, much better equipped to write about this than all of the people who only watched the last couple days of the trial and saw the media headlines while checking yahoo.com.

I am not condoning any of the mistakes Casey made. I am not saying whether I think she is guilty or innocent. What I am trying to do is show that the media is absurdly biased and that you should not buy everything they throw at you. As for those of you who loved the media for attacking Casey for the last three years? That will be the same beloved media who will offer her millions of dollars for interviews, a book, and maybe even a movie. Like it or not, the media is the main reason why Casey Anthony will soon be financially set for life.

And as for the media and the average folks insulting the jurors, please use your common sense. These twelve jurors (and two alternates) watched every single second of this trial play out in court. How many of you can say the same? Not one. I’m wondering how many people actually watched more than the last few days of the trial, but that is beside the point. To give someone the death penalty, you have to be 100% certain that you know the story of a murder back to front. We don’t even know for certain that Caylee’s death was murder, let alone how said murder exactly played out. Without a back-to-front story, the jurors could not deliver a guilty verdict. It was clear for a while that they would not convict Casey, despite what the media said.

Ultimately, I hope to accomplish two things with this piece of writing. First, I will show you that you need to actually educate yourselves before speaking out on something so serious. You will not be taken seriously armed only with the knowledge of watching a day or two of pure bias. Second, I hope to portray a different side of Casey Anthony from the one you are shown by Nancy Grace and her fellow analysts. I hope to show you the side of her that I see, the young woman who when she was announced “Not Guilty” by the jury, I was not at all surprised. And I know that this will be read with interest, as I am in the 1% of the country’s population who would even consider writing something about Casey that doesn’t show her as a cold-blooded killer.

One thing I am convinced of about this whole ordeal: someone from above was watching over Casey Anthony throughout this trial. That someone was a little angel named Caylee Marie Anthony.

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