A Mother’s Love Shines Above All

Even with all the bad decisions we know for sure Casey has taken in her life so far, she is still loved. For sure she lied to the police multiple times, she stole her mother’s credit cards, she lied about having jobs, she lied about Caylee’s nanny, etc. The list goes on. She MAY have killed her daughter, falsely accused her father of sexual molestation as well as having a role in Caylee’s death, and in general put her entire family through hell in the attempt to get away with murder.

And yet, despite all of this, despite the media portraying this cold-blooded psychopath who absolutely deserved the death penalty, some true love for Casey was shown, and it shone brighter than almost every other part of the trial. It came in the form of proven perjury by her mother Cindy.  

A major part of the prosecution’s case was the suspicious and incriminating computer searches done on the main computer at the Anthonys’ family home. There were various searches for “how to make chloroform”, “neck breaking”, and “shovel”. Clearly, these searches were a massive part of the story that Casey drugged Caylee with chloroform before suffocating her with duct tape and taking the remains to the wooded area not far from the home. The bombshell came when Cindy testified that it was she, and not Casey, who made all the searches for chloroform. This appeared to throw a massive wrench in the prosecution’s story, except Cindy’s then-employer took the stand and testified that Cindy was in fact at work during the time of the day when the searches were made on the home computer. Also, the records from Cindy’s place of employment clearly prove that she was at work, not at home as she claimed.

So why would Cindy say she did the searches? Why would she perjure herself and risk doing time in prison? The answer is simple: she loves her daughter and doesn’t want to see her die. What if it was your son or daughter on trial for murder? Would you not do anything to keep them getting the death penalty, even if you weren't convinced of their innocence? Everything that Casey had done went out the window. All the agonizing hell the family went through and everything that Casey put her parents through didn’t matter. In the end, a mother’s love for her child shines above anything else in life. Does that seem like an ironic statement here? In fact, it isn’t. Take a good, long look at this picture:
I cried when I first saw this picture. This was when I first realized that there was another side to Casey Anthony, not just the cold-hearted, callous, selfish slut shown to us by the media. We all know a picture speaks a thousand words, but more simply, pictures do not lie. That is a mother who loves her daughter more deeply than words can ever say. Most of what I am writing is open to interpretation and criticism, but this, I will viciously debate with anyone who disagrees. People may see this and say of course Caylee looks happy, as a child knows nothing but love when she is two years old. I repeat: pictures do not lie. A mother’s love shines above all. 

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